2 track of the same artists


I had to!!! I love this song and could not simply wait to post it. I have to say that MKTO has officially a plays in my fave artist list, (YES I seriously have one, and I beat you do too) I love their sound and what they satand for. American Dream is from the same album as: Classic and Thank You, which I posted as my May fave I belive 🙂 I choose to post the acustic verison just coz you know that I am a sucker for song sung in acustic 😉


Today´s song ♥


WOW! this bloody ballad has been my April jam, don´t ask me why! the answer is most probably gonna be have you seen the trailer for ”If I stay”. Well you know the drill…..

Forzen – The best I´ve seen so far


Rating: 5/5
Given that virtually all who have seen this movie, has go on about it, I thought I might as well see it, don´t get me wrong I’m fond of animated films, but you now when everybody starts to talk about a thing, it dosen´t make me to do the exact same thing. I have to say that I’m very surprised at how good it actually was. Disney has been doing very many new movies recently and I can not say I’ve seen any, but this was clearly the best in a long time and I really recommend you to see!

It’s like a story that branches off a little of what you always see. It’s always like” Girl meets boy, they fall in love, encounter an obstacle, and then they end up together anyway.” Movies nowadays are under me so predictable and I’m a person who has actually seen very many movies.

Anyway, watch this video if you have not done it because it was really, really good! Great music too!

Really good


I really don´t have Words for this song…. the ónly thing I can say is that it´s a really good song 🙂 I love Demi Lovato´s way of singing and the feeling you get when she sings, I I have to admit that I was never a demi fan, but since I saw her ”Life of story” I´ve commed to like here and find her as a spookes person 🙂

Wrap the year up with JT


Hello goregeous people 😉
So 2013 is almost over 😦 😀 And I have to say that this is the song that most deffenately will make me remeber this year, I know that I´ve might posted this song as my fave of the mounth once, can rember but I have yet again chosen to wrap 2013 with this song. All of you that know me out there knows how much I ador JT and I know that this song has been over played almost everywhere but just listen to it
While sayin´ by to the last return-fave song of this mount
I hope that this year has been an awsome Music year and I can´t wait for the musical genius to suprise me with more Music 😀
I seriously don´t have a good way to say bye
So…. Have a good evening