Ma dream bags


Before I die, I wanna own a real mulberry bag. Either  ”Alaxa” I am in love with that bag, or ”Baysater”, I seriously get butterflies in my stomach just looking at them. BTW what do U think about the Balenciaga- bags? I don´t get what people hype about. In my oppinion they´re not that nice whatsoever.


A trip to LUSH

I´m soooooooo happy that LUSH has opened a store in Sweden, now I don´t have to order it from the internet 😀

Colder spring days wantis

This is an outfit I really want for colder spring days, where you don´t feel waering an all ”springi” jacket, and insted mix your outfit with a knitted sweater. I asolutely ador the little flared jeans in this outfit…. don´t you?