Ways to help

CAUSE: At the age of 13, I started volunteering with Save Children, a nonprofit organization that provides surgical care, healthcare, and medical training to underserved countries all over the world. Now, four years later, I in many ways have made it my mission to help the charity gain awareness all over the society that I live in and hopefully someday the world.

EFFECT: Last year, I somehow started very carefully by combining what I love to do, beaking with Charity, I beaked cookies, cupcakes, makaronies ect and sold them around my neigbourhood, I gave over 30% of what I got to diffrent Charitys and kept the other Money to buy more indgredients.  One of my BIGGEST Dreams have been to do a trip back to Africa, and cooperate with diffrent Foundation like Nelson Mandela’s foundation or have an opportunity to build a children’s hospital in hopefully my own ”Charity´s” name ( 4 each other). Hospitals are a huge deal, since there are currently only Three- five hospitals on the entire continent for pediatrics.

The reason I want to work with Children is they are of course really sweet, but I also find them inspiring and Children Always sees the World in a much more play full and creative way then adults. I´m not saying that adult´s illnesses and problams is not big to me but as an Young teenager going in to the Young adult Life I still have a Child inside of me and that special band.

GETTING INVOLVED: You don’t have to be a doctor in order to get involved! Visit Save the children to learn more about the charity collaboration with The Nelson Mandela Foundation and to see how you can join the cause!

FINALY:  It’s incredible to honor Nelson Mandelas legacy and build a children’s hospital in Africa. Nelson Mandela has been a symbol of unity and justice for so many, and he recognized that the lack of children’s hospitals in Africa is a huge problem not only for the kids, but for the future.”

”I’m constantly humbled  with my own Life, all though I many times meet obstacle. To see  the enthusiasm and support so many people give to these causes.

If you are intesting in helping, but you don´t know what to do? Well I would just say visit diffrent charities home pages, many of them have created a youth ambassador program to get young adults involved in helping children all over the world, and they´re always looking for people to spread the word. And konw that  It only COSTs (175 Swidish krons) which is around $250 to operate on a child in Africa and change their life forever. It’s as easy as throwing a simple fundraiser at a local restaurant, reaching out in the community to find old toys, or having a bake sale after school. Every little bit helps”

my dream is become a volunteer doctor in africa for help these children. What I´m trying to say is even if people around you might Think ”that is to crazy or is that possible” you gotta do it, coz if you have the Power and involvment to do it, Believe me there is nothing that can stop you!!!!

This is so cliché but…..
You can Always make a diffrence 😀

(Painting: ”Save the Children”) by Quwatha Valentine


A great hero is gone

”What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” ‪#‎NelsonMandela‬My heart is breaking with everybody in the world, yet we all knew that the time that Mandela had in this world was  short. I truly believe that Nelson Mandela is a true figure for the freedom movement,, he is a great inspiration when it comes to making a change and really fight for what you believe in. To know that he did 27 years of prison for not only himself and his family, but also for everybody in the black population of South Africa. 27 years and he never gave up, all though he many times said ” Don´t judge me for my successes, judge me by hhow many times I feel down and got back up again”. Everyone that knows me how much I saw Mandela as not only my political role-model but also as a inspiration when it comes to live freely.
Well I can´t simply describe how much Mandela thought me :)R.I.P. ♥