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Reading books is something that (atleast I know) has fallen away a lot. I used to read a lot, but now it´s has gone months since  I read a whole book. Either way, summer is the perfect time to read books, when you actually have all the time in the world. My favorite author is Paulo Coelho, he makes you feel like a fabulous being, and can describe an ordinary everyday scene as a magical prodigy. Here are two of my favorites from him! (They are in Swedish)

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”The Alchemist is a book about love, dreams, fighting for what you want and everything in between.  You get to follow an amazing journey and at the last page (at least I wanted) you just want to start all over again. Which I have done countless number of times

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Love” is not a book with a special topic or a specific story, but simply a collection of his most beautiful quotes about love. This strikes me always when I’m a little lovesick, together with a beautyful song and chocolate / ben & jerry. It makes it almost a little beautiful to be sad at love.



The books of 2014

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2013 was the year of dystopian teen romance novels, with both The Hunger Games and Divergent landing big-screen deals. But a new year calls for new books to decorate your nightstand—when you actually put them down, that is. I´ve rounded up 3 fresh reads that’ll keep your library card (or, since it’s 2014 and all, your Kindle) awfully busy. From fantasy to historical fiction, classic lit spin-offs to straight-up love stories, there’s something for everyone.
Also cheek out:
”Bright Before Sunrise” by Tiffany Schmidt, ”Trust Me I´m Lying” by Mary Elisabeth Summer, ”The art of Lindsay” by Paula Stokes, ”Far From You” by Tess Sharpe and ”The Geography Of You and Me”.

What´s new on the summer screan?

The bling ring – where you will meet the” Harrry Potter” star Emma Watson in a whole new light, is about a group of teenagers that are obsessed with fashion and fame takes the huge step and burglas  caleberties living in L.A. Their driven to take and own the same clothes like the cleleberites they mug, they make a Little miss step that leads to something they didn´t expect…. 😉 I haven´t seen this Movie, but I saw the 2011 verision with Austin Butler as the male roel Zac Garvey and I liked that one so much.

Faith, Brit, Candy and Cotty dreams about going to Spring Break, the american colleagsudent´s yearly festival week, but thing´s get complicated and the Girls can not afford to go on this trip. They decide to rob a resturant to financial their trip. Soon this Girls are on the road to Florida, to have the time of their life, but once their there things changes quickly…… and the rest I live to you guys to figure out. I would not recomend this movie to thoes of you who are a bit sencetive sciens this movie tens to get a Little dark heare and there. In this flick you will meet well familiar faces such as: the former Disney star Selina Gomez, PLL´s Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens. This Girls will tem up with Rachel Korine, who plays Cotty.

In this exciting adventure filled with action and humor, the masked hero (jonney Depp) gets new life through new eyes. Native American spirit warrior Tonto  recounts the unknown stories that transformed John Reid, a man of the law, into a legend of justice. You will not get disappointed.

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson play two elderly seller who, having been fired realize they are dinosaurs in today’s digital world. Hoping to start if they manage to bluff its way to two coveted internships at Google and subsequent chaos that results. Let me just say this movie is two hours that you´ll not regret

4 Summer books that will start your summer

An occasionally wise man named Alice Cooper once sang, ”No more school, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks.” Well I  like that song as much as the next rock n’ roll geek, but I have to say: I don’t agree with the sentiment! We’re all about saying sayonara to your textbooks until next season, but summer is the best time to read the things you actually want to read. Yes I understand it´s summer and you want to catch up with your friends and hang out on the beach. but that can be the perfect oppertunity for you to read a book while listening to this years summer hits 🙂

These four novels, out this month, are sure to keep you entertained this weekend (and beyond!), whether you’re hanging poolside with your friends or embarking on a road trip with your family. I´ve only read September Girls so far and I highly recommend it

Until next time
Breath the summer in 😉

top 6- best TV-series

♥♥♥♥ I am obsessed with this series, I just love this guys 😀

Only two can keep a secret, as one of them is dead A- 😉

U never know who she is, that´s rihght XOXO Gossip Girl 😉

Beautiful Environments, great houses, reach people, and revengii plans, Revenge is the series

Do you want a inlooke to the ”K Dah” familys live and drematic Days, well this series is somethin´for you

Who is still whatching this, altough it´s not the 90´s, well tumbs up for you, I LOVE  B.H.90210

Why 2013 will ROCK

In 2012, The Hunger Games started and Twilight ended, but I´m pretty sure 2013 will have even more exciting moments. Here’s what needs to be on your entertainment radar in 2013!

New Music From Conor MaynardIf you´ve been into Conor ever since he released   his first single, ”Can’t Say No,” last spring. Luckily, the cute British singer is finally releasing his first full-length album, Contrast, on January 8, 2013. We predict the 20-year-old will be everywhere in 2013—and we can’t wait.

The Carrie Diaries PremieresEveryone’s been talking about The Carrie Diaries for months, and it finally premieres on January 14, 2013!AnnaSophia Robb plays a young Carrie Bradshaw, who’s trying to survive dating drama, friend fallouts, and the recent death of her mom. Another reason to watch the show is Austin Butler, who provides some
mejor eye-candy

Beautiful Creatures Hits Theaters
If you’re still mourning the end of Twilight, get excited for a new supernatural trilogy. Based on the first book in authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl’s best-selling series, Beautiful Creatures begs the question, can love really conquer all? The movie’s out on February 13, 2013, so start reading the book now!

  Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran Tour Together

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are both awesome solo, so we can’t wait for their joint tour in 2013! Now that’s a concert worth shelling out for. Click here for dates!

               OneDirection´s 3D                                                                                        This is going to be the best thing since Never Say Never. Seeing Harry,Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn on the big screen in 3D is going to be amazing.The movie, which comes out in September 2013, is an inside look at what it’s like to be the biggest boy band on the planet. (Bonus:there will be tons of concert footage.)Head into the theater ready to sing along!

Avan Jogia Scores A New T.V. Show
When Victorious ended, I was worried my quality time staring at Avan Jogia had come to an end; but 2013 has even bigger plans for him. Avan will be starring in a new show, Socio, on ABC. The premiere date is still TBD, but we do know that Avan plays a guy who was just released from prison. Edgy!