Best of Paulo


Reading books is something that (atleast I know) has fallen away a lot. I used to read a lot, but now it´s has gone months since  I read a whole book. Either way, summer is the perfect time to read books, when you actually have all the time in the world. My favorite author is Paulo Coelho, he makes you feel like a fabulous being, and can describe an ordinary everyday scene as a magical prodigy. Here are two of my favorites from him! (They are in Swedish)

IMG_0528 IMG_0533

”The Alchemist is a book about love, dreams, fighting for what you want and everything in between.  You get to follow an amazing journey and at the last page (at least I wanted) you just want to start all over again. Which I have done countless number of times

IMG_0535 IMG_0537 IMG_0545

Love” is not a book with a special topic or a specific story, but simply a collection of his most beautiful quotes about love. This strikes me always when I’m a little lovesick, together with a beautyful song and chocolate / ben & jerry. It makes it almost a little beautiful to be sad at love.



2 track of the same artists


I had to!!! I love this song and could not simply wait to post it. I have to say that MKTO has officially a plays in my fave artist list, (YES I seriously have one, and I beat you do too) I love their sound and what they satand for. American Dream is from the same album as: Classic and Thank You, which I posted as my May fave I belive 🙂 I choose to post the acustic verison just coz you know that I am a sucker for song sung in acustic 😉

What does music mean to me?

There´s a lot of Music this days… you know thoes cheesy once that doesn´t really mean anything rather then to make you laugh. Than we have thoes that will remind you of each other like: Justin Bieber´s Baby and D1 What Makes You Beautyful, that is in the same category all bunched togheter waiting for yet another BABE song to come along. Don´t get me wrong sometimes for just 5 seconds in a day there will be thoes moments where I´ll play just one song like that, but than again I´ll try not to and make sure no one hears me. I’ve been thinking a lot to the purpose of music lately. I started reflecting on what music means to me and its role it plays in my life. This role has changed in different moments in life, but it’s a good reminder as to how people relate to Music. This post is going to touch that line of corny touchy feely garbage that as a hard core, loner and rebel I avoid. For a moment I’m going not worry about coming across as cheesy in an effort to reflect on the role music has on the individual.

I asked the question “What does music mean to you?” The responses to me were very mature and observant answers. I think music can be so hard to describe and define, but it’s easy to describe how it affects us. Here’s a list of their responses.

“Music is one of, if not the most important aspect of my life.”
“Music is how I relate myself to the world.”
“Music means the world to me. It makes me think about how it relates to life and I love the beats.”
“Music is a way to express yourself, keep you company while you’re alone, and always give you something to do.”
“Music is everything, without music there is no purpose to a lot of stuff.”
“Music is a way to express yourself and your feelings. It’s something that I can go to whenever I need it.”
“Music is a way to express feelings that might be hard to express otherwise.”
“Music to me is a source of stress relief. It helps me calm down or just to relax, on a bad day. But on a good day, music just helps me get through the day.”
“Music is a way of expressing me and being able to relate to other people.”
“It can personify emotions in life if written well.”
“Music is a source of inspiration and expression.”
“Music wakes me up, gets me going, and is a way to add some more awesomeness to every day.”
“Music means a lot to me. It is a way to express and release emotions. I love music that on top of the fun beats, it can carry a message that is relative to real life situations.”
“Music is a nice thing you can listen to when you want to get out and just go into your own world.”
“Music is my way to escape from the real world and just listen and let myself go.”
“Music is freedom. It’s everything. Music connects the world!”
“It is the expression of deep emotions and feelings.”
“Music calms me down, lifts me up and always makes me feel a certain way.”
“Explains things when words fail; Music speaks.”
“Music means something that’s inspiring and can match your moods”
“Music helps me connect to life.”

Again these responses are very insightful to me. It really shows the importance music plays in their life. For some people music is the most important thing in their life. For others it’s one of the ways they express their emotions. While looking at this list I thought it would be interesting to simplify this list as to what I infer the students were trying to say in its simplest form. Here’s what I came up with:

Music is ones identity
Music is ones world
Music is a drug
Music is a therapist
Music is how one shows the world what I’m feeling
Music is how one socially interact with humans
Music is entertainment
Music is inspirational
Music is a friend
Music is Life

And yes there is no right or wrong in this matter but diffrences in all of our answers. Music to me is a way of expressing my feelings in a way that I will not feel embarresed, it´s a way of art but also a Life style for many people. It´s this mutual language that we all in someways understand and relate to no matter what genre it is or eara it comes from the Words you want to say or hear are there.

Some of these responses to me aren’t healthy. Making music your world isn’t necessarily a good thing. I’m not questioning the moral values one places on music, but on the importance music plays on society and the individual. As I look at my list I can easily share example after example of how this has been true in my life during different stages. It reminds me as I teach how important music is to our culture. It makes it exciting to be a music teacher, while at the same time gives me a responsibility to show the benefits of music in their life.

I would encourage you to ask yourselves the question. What does music mean to you?