What am I gonna do in life?

What do I want to do in Life? What is my big Dream? What do I want to experience in life?
Sometimes (like everybody els) I wonder what the purpose of Life is, and it can be really hard to know what the meaning is besides living. If the purpose of life is for us to only be like pawns in a game, and the idea is that we should live , then we should do it to the fullest?
My biggest fear is that I´m gonna end up on the street ad not have somewhere to go , even though I know it will never happen . I have a wonderful family who support me through everything and I do fight in school to get good grades so that I can live the life I want . So really there is no problem , right? But if I should say what I want to do in life which is: to live , to be able to do the things I want to do in life without anything stopping me or getting in the way ( economically ) . I want to travel and explore the world. See its beautiful sides of it. I want to meet someone I simply can´t be without (we all have those  friends we can not be without , but I’m referring to something considerably ) . I want to wake up next to someone and feel , ”Wow, this man I would do anything for .” I want to achieve something that succeed, something worthy the definicion of succes . I want to fight and tear and then get a result out of it.

My absolute dream is to change the world in one way or another . It may not change the whole world. But one can change one person or several persons world . I want to do something good, a good deed that  will be forever grateful to the person or persons . I want and I will do something good for the world.

I do not think I’m alone in these thoughts, probably everyone have those dreams in one way or another . But I believe that to achieve you have to struggle a lot . Because life is not a bed of roses. First and foremost, you have to gain a good education and a job so that you can support yourself . And I guess that it is the most important thing  in life. Being able to stand on your own . It is, at least  to me and really the only thing I ask of life.
To be able to stand on my own!



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