I just want to be perfect





Marina and the Diamonds Always gets me on a good mood. Like in that crazy way you want to wear heart-shaped sunglasses and bleach all your hair blonde and sing to ”No you do not love me ok big fucking deal” (Note: lyrics from Starring Role nothing angrily attacks) in retro high skirts / shorts and tiny tops.

Anyways I should probably not bleach my hair blonde, would look rather weird  with my African genes. Or who knows? I‘ve Always dreamed of a blond page a la Angelica look. It is said that life’s magic happens outside your comfort zone to yolo  or not to yolo ”, that is the question 😉

Min favourite song by them/her/ is unclear,but I think I have to say the aucustic verision of Lies. The lyrics is absoultely wonderful and the Music video likewise my second fave is hands down How to be a heartbreaker 



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