My way of styling Caterpiller


/Shoeshär // Shorts –här // Clutch – här //watch – här //Jumper – här // Neckless – här


Last minute Get Ready

IMG_2820 - kopia
So the other day I was getting ready for this small ”event”, and gosh I hate when I just sitt around and realize the last minute that I haven´t figure out what I´d like to wear….. hahaha 😀
I just put on my favourite grey dress at the moment from TopShop and some gorgeous boots I borowed from friend from Monki ♥ I need to get my hands on thoes shoes, I need to do a trip to monkey.

I just want to be perfect





Marina and the Diamonds Always gets me on a good mood. Like in that crazy way you want to wear heart-shaped sunglasses and bleach all your hair blonde and sing to ”No you do not love me ok big fucking deal” (Note: lyrics from Starring Role nothing angrily attacks) in retro high skirts / shorts and tiny tops.

Anyways I should probably not bleach my hair blonde, would look rather weird  with my African genes. Or who knows? I‘ve Always dreamed of a blond page a la Angelica look. It is said that life’s magic happens outside your comfort zone to yolo  or not to yolo ”, that is the question 😉

Min favourite song by them/her/ is unclear,but I think I have to say the aucustic verision of Lies. The lyrics is absoultely wonderful and the Music video likewise my second fave is hands down How to be a heartbreaker 

What to wear to prom after party


Pic: Teen Vogue

Hi Naricious, I have a question. I´m gooing to prom this year and I have already chosen my deress, but I´m thinking of what to wear to the after party? I have no Idea. HELP!!!!

Realx I have it covered. These fiestas tend to be way more casual than prom itself, so ditch your gown and heels and throw on cute separates (or even an easy minidress!) and flat shoes. Bring along a sweater or sweatshirt in case you’ll be hanging out in a backyard, and pare down your accessories for a more relaxed look. As for your bag, you might just be able to find something that works both during and after the dance, so keep that in mind as you do your prom shopping.
Hope you got the answer you where lookin´ for 🙂