Today´s inspiration


lana2 lana kopia (Click on one of the pics to come to the  videon)
Today´s insporation is from Lana Del Rey´s Music video Ride. Lana is famous for her converse, which we both see on paparazzisnaps and on her videos loose band tees and fringed jackets. And of course various super fast vehicles which are in all of her videos (is there BTW a video where Lana dosen´t drives fast?)

I really get on this road trip- mood  when I hear her music, Also, there is no selling as good as her (if we don´t Count Queen B). Possibly Ryan Gosling with a puppy in his arms, but otherwise I don´t know any other person who would like to get me to go run away with mass muscle knot silent motorcycle dudes and run around in Native American hats all day long ;).



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