The real deal with beeing a teen away from home

Whether you think it seems totally glamorous or downright intimidating, boarding school certainly has a bit of mythical appeal. You may assume you have a pretty good sense of the experience—demanding classes, dorm living, no parents—but what’s it really like attending one of those storied institutions? Well seven mounth ago I was a exactly that person wondering how it would be to move away from home to attend high school in another city. And I have summed up things some things I think you schould Think about, Before you move 😉

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
Why leave the comforts of home to live at a school far from your family and friends? Students decide to attend boarding school for a number of reasons. For many, it offers opportunities that are simply not available in their hometowns. This can include rigorous academics, as was the case for me., last year I attended Söderport in Kristianstad: ”I live in a town where the public school system isn’t great for teens with disability, so unless I wanted to attend a high school with less benefits, boarding school was the best option.”

They can also offer a wider variety of classes and activities outside the standard educational framework, which was a major draw for me.,”I’d heard that this boarding school offered direction and support to pursue my interests.” And contrary to the belief that boarders are ”sent away,” for most it’s a choice you´ll carefully considered alongside your parents. So to be honest this was not what I was dreaming of growing up. Leave my family in a young age to pursue my educational dreams. ”I ultimately decided to go because it gives me a head start on college.” When I want to study further I´ll be ”prepered” and exeprienced 🙂

There are several types of boarding schools, and selecting the right one is the key. There are therapeutic schools for students who need extra support because of learning disabilities, as me or disciplinary issues, as well as religious schools for those who want an immersive dual-curriculum, but the majority are college preparatory schools. They offer advanced academic programs that help prepare students for the demands of university life, and often give students the opportunity to explore a large range of subjects or specialize in a certain field at a young age. . Many of these schools also have day students who stay on campus for classes, study hours, and extracurricular activities, but go home at the end of the day and on weekends.

Hitting the Books and Getting Involved
As noted above, demanding academics are a draw for lots of boarding school students. When you leave home, you have to feel that you can take care of yourself, when it comes to studys and homework you will not have the nagging voice of your parents, and unless you want to fail and move back home, you need to set a good plan and organize yourself. As you may know I want and like to be challenged in that way. So I of course ended up chosing a very pure theoretical and though. Many schools offer alternative approaches to learning. Unforunfortunately my school dosen´t offer you help when it comes to studying, well you can go to a study workshop after school hours, but I Think that it.

The high-pressure educational environment also helps to prepare students for the stresses of college, as my school but the way I think when I feel that it get´s to much is: ”High school is really hard, but once I hit college, I´ll be thankful because they didn´t gave me a cushion my first year.” At my school you can get the help of a special education teacher to help students manage the workload by providing an academic schedule that extends beyond the school day.

A major advantage that boarding schools have over other high schools is

Home Away from Home
One of the hardest parts about attending boarding school is not living with family. Your teenage years can be rough as it is and being away from that support system can be lonely. If I’m having a bad day, the only thing I can do is call my family. A phone call isn’t always the most satisfying form of comfort, but it’s a sacrifice I chose to make.

Being on your own also means taking on a lot more responsibility and learning to be self-sufficient. It can be tough, but since I live in a student hall I´ll get cooked food and some help from the staff. Or sometimes I just want someone to take care of me, even if that means doing little things like buying my shampoo so I don’t have to worry about it. But armed with the right skills, you´ll learn to manage. It helped that my mum taught me life skills before I went away to school,”. ”Knowing how to do laundry, iron, and manage my time seriously aided in my survival. Yes you guys, I  feel like I’m truly living on my own although are so many people there to help—teachers, dorm ”parents”, and my friends.”

Boarding schools are very similar to college when it comes to the living situation; most students live in dorms .  Boarding schools also provide an opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds.

On weekends, boarders do the same things as other high schoolers. ”We sleep late in the mornings, and do homework, go to the mall, work out, or hang with friends in the afternoons. The doorm ”parent” often plan trips and activities as well, from shopping trips and theme park visits to cooking evenings . Some students even take the opportunity to go home on the occasional weekend, depending on where they live in proximity to the school. After all, if there’s one thing boarding school makes you appreciate earlier than most, it’s having someone at home hahaha…. to do your laundry!
Do you go to boarding school? or do you plan to start? 


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