Wrap the year up with JT

Hello goregeous people 😉
So 2013 is almost over 😦 😀 And I have to say that this is the song that most deffenately will make me remeber this year, I know that I´ve might posted this song as my fave of the mounth once, can rember but I have yet again chosen to wrap 2013 with this song. All of you that know me out there knows how much I ador JT and I know that this song has been over played almost everywhere but just listen to it
While sayin´ by to the last return-fave song of this mount
I hope that this year has been an awsome Music year and I can´t wait for the musical genius to suprise me with more Music 😀
I seriously don´t have a good way to say bye
So…. Have a good evening



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