Gift guide #1

What’s on your wish list this year? Big-ticket items (an iPad or purse, perhaps?) are great, but sometimes all you need is a pretty pick-me-up to brighten your day. This is where Secret Santa exchanges are pretty much the best: You can give (and get!) a completely cool mini present—and our gift guide has something for every style sensibility. From sparkly nail polish to super cute mittens, we’ve got plenty of suggestions.

In our minds, you can go one of two ways: glam or fun-ctional. Statement earrings from Guess will amp up any holiday look, while a candy-colored Forever 21 hat is the perfect mix of sweet, standout, and oh-so-necessary on a cold, dreary morning. Click through to check out all our best present ideas, and tell us which is your favorite in the comments. Our parting gift to you? Pass this along to the rest of your S.S. crew because, admit it, you’ll want to unwrap something just as awesome as what you’re giving.

Give something you´d love to get 😀



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