Victoria Justice vs. Chloë Moretz:Slick Moto Jackets

Victoria Justice and Chloe Moretz
Phot: Corbis

Given the timeless tough-girl vibe and effortless cool-factor, it’s no wonder moto jackets are a style staple season after season. But this year? They’re cooler than ever. Just recently, we spotted Victoria Justice and Chloë Moretz, two of our favorite girls in Young Hollywood, looking impossibly rad in luxe leather, sleek black denim, and on-trend ankle boots.

Victoria played up the vibe of her her rugged, motorcycle topper with a rock star-approved graphic tee and red statement lip. The silver zips on her black Paige skinnies complement the classic jacket, and a punky white belt breaks up an otherwise dark combo. While a basic black bag would have been a bit much with her outerwear, the electric-blue hue of the studded carryall is fresh, fun, and adds an unexpected pop of color. We love how she topped it all off with lace-up booties and quirky sunnies—they pump up the polish without sacrificing any of its low-key cool.

Chloë nailed airport-chic by pairing her Easy Rider-inspired mainstays with feminine fare. While her embroidered jeans and flat, buckled boots play complement the edginess of her jacket, her floral button-up and pastel purse give it a dose of pretty contrast. Dainty charm necklaces and red sunglasses are sweet, unexpected finishing touches.

So who do you think styled their moto jacket the best? Cast your vote below, and tell us about your fave in the comments section, too!



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