DIY- studs

Do you wanna update your wordrobe? Do your clothes feel dull and plain? One easy way to recreate things is to find your DIY- kit, the iron and some studs, don´t forget  ideas from Pinterest!

You may think that you are supposed to iron your shirt really good and just sew the bottens proppaly, but NO – I´m talking about radical changes. Using ”trimmings” – thing like studs, cristalls, bands or fathers and your pieces will look like new. I´ve been looking around on Pinterest to get some insperation for you before you start!


So when you feel comterbal and worm with the Changes you have done, and your smaller  projcets been successful, then it´s time to take on the bigger clothing items (and more expencive) things. A new watch, or studs decorate a whole bag, will be your next thing?


As you see on the pictures you can pimp almost everything and sometimes you just need to add tiny ditales to make a big effect.Some studs at the tip of the color on a shirt, to edge the pocket of a pair of jeans with cristalls or do a simple bracelet more personal.


As you see you can pimp everything- shirts, shoes, iphone cases, hats, bras and bags!


So the only thing that is left now is for you to start!
Good luck…. and remember
Stay classy, never trashy and just a Little bit of sassy 😉



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