Wake up and live


Right now, it’s time for me to ”wake up”, to really realize that I am living in Kristianstad and that I’m goding to stay there for the next comming for years. I have to get back my motivation and start amning for A’s and B’s as I utsedd to and study hard. Coz at the end of the day I sant to get somewhere in My life, do all the things I sant to do, build My own buissnes from skratch and really succés in My chosig of ambition. To do all that I have to start with getting out of this crazy sad mod that I’ve benen in for the latent two mounth. And reach out to My class matens that are really trying to talk to me and get to Knowles me, but I’ve answered them, smiled and then benen silend. I know that this has benen as à roller-coster, with me saying that I’m gona change and try to socialize, and yeah you get it. I Know My behavior can come across like an alcholic sayin’ that he/she is gona get sober, but fails over and over again. And the fact that I’m sharing this with you guys and the rest of the world is crazy, coz the old me world not do this and I gET it. if you get tired of me and My wired mod, and if you don’t want to reda absolut this, well then you can click on the X at the right corner and ignore to visit My blog, anyways I’m gonna try to really be myself and become more open, I’m rally tired of benig sad, and fail with My classes and exams, just because that I’m benig tired and not feeling for goding to school. I really ned to get back that motivation and Belgien on à new page

Wow I rally need to stop before this shit get’ sto deep 😛

I thinner this is where I say bye 😉


To paint is to tell a story

I practiclly Went out looking for rocks and then painted them, don´t ask me why?

Sometimes a boring class can give you a lot

my aubergine inspired dreamcatcher

DIY- studs

Do you wanna update your wordrobe? Do your clothes feel dull and plain? One easy way to recreate things is to find your DIY- kit, the iron and some studs, don´t forget  ideas from Pinterest!

You may think that you are supposed to iron your shirt really good and just sew the bottens proppaly, but NO – I´m talking about radical changes. Using ”trimmings” – thing like studs, cristalls, bands or fathers and your pieces will look like new. I´ve been looking around on Pinterest to get some insperation for you before you start!


So when you feel comterbal and worm with the Changes you have done, and your smaller  projcets been successful, then it´s time to take on the bigger clothing items (and more expencive) things. A new watch, or studs decorate a whole bag, will be your next thing?


As you see on the pictures you can pimp almost everything and sometimes you just need to add tiny ditales to make a big effect.Some studs at the tip of the color on a shirt, to edge the pocket of a pair of jeans with cristalls or do a simple bracelet more personal.


As you see you can pimp everything- shirts, shoes, iphone cases, hats, bras and bags!


So the only thing that is left now is for you to start!
Good luck…. and remember
Stay classy, never trashy and just a Little bit of sassy 😉

Hotest trend for this fall

What I love most about this fall’s fashion is that it’s never been more ”right” to dress in comfortable, knitted sweaters.

And some of my favourites are among the more expencive knitted sweters, like this one below from Hope and the more budget verision from Sally&Circle.

And how do you style your knitted swter according to this years ”trend code” Well here below you can see how I would style it! I just love the jacket ♥

Boots: See By Chloé, jacket from: Samsoe Samsoe, blouse from Cheap Monday, hat from Cheap Monday, shades from Pieces, and Converse.

design sketching for charity

OM to da G haahaha….I don´t usually say this but if you fallow me on twitter https://twitter.com/NasraDaoud you may have seen that ´, I´m doing a ”projcet” of my fashion drawing versions of a couple Disney princesses. I brought in stylish elements such as Jasmine’s peplum top and Belle’s trench coat, but still tried to keep the overall general look of each character’s original outfit. Today we had this ”awareness” thing in school togheter with the ”UN school”.