And than it was on again

When you feel that Everything is getting better and the stuff you think was tought is slowly disappearing, BOM!!! you crash down and your back where you started…. This is how I feel now, I have a biology test tomorrow, I have a hand-in in English and I´m trying to study for the next up-comming Swidish test, not to mention that I´m trying to breath out and just relax. On the first hand I´m pisst of, coz I remember back in December/April when the gauding counsulor and everyone that was working around me said that ”this school of choise is gonna be the best alternative for you”, ”you will get the help you need” blah.blah….. But HEY!!!! do you know what I´m not intakct, I´m stressing out with all the work I have to do, and I don´t have any friends, which I´ve been trying so hard to get. I´m not saying that me going to a school in Malmö would be a diffrent situation, but I would not feel so lost as I´m feeling now. I mean the whole Point of me moving up here was to get the grades I needed, right? I´m missing my family, when I´m home on the weekends I´m doin´school work, I don´t do any activities after school and Everything is getting more and more deepressing 😦
But do you know what???? It´s 3 years left stay positive 🙂



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