Slowly gettin´back on track

So now it´s gone a mounth sínce the school started and I´m deeply sorry for the time that I was gone, but I had so much to do, Everything from moving to my dormroom, starting school and trying to sattle in. It´s honestly been the hardest mounth in my Life, just because all the new impressions, subjects and people that I had to deal with so I hope you understand.  I´m slowly getting back on track and ”waking up” in a way. So now that I for the 1000 time cleared up  why I was gonn it´s time to talk about the real stuff that is gonna happen this fall 🙂

The first thing as you see I changed my blog designe again to a more sattle Classic ”grey-isch” background. Just because I feelt it feelt a Little bit to much with all that was going on in the old background. I´m not a 100% satisfied, and as you see I´m not done with the header, which I´m working on.

Now It´s time to share what I´ve been trying to hold in…. 😛 For thoes of you who remember my ”published Magazine” ”Truly Chic” it´s comming back!!!!!
and this time I´m gonna have it here on the bloog, so that it´s esaier for you guys to find it and Everything 😀 The first issue is probably gonna be up in the middle of October, but stay thound and look out for it. I´ve been trying to reach out to some of my friends that works with layout, and designes and hopefully the designe for each issue is gonna be Chci 🙂
Have a nice sunday… and remember
Stay classy, never trashy and a little bit of sassy 😉



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