I regret it all

Hi ya’ll 🙂
How are you guys doing? I´m doing just fine, at least I thikn so…. 😦 I´m really sorry for the bad updates, but the thing is with me moving to a student hall (a house for students) and not havin´ internet… I think you get it. Anyways I´ve been here for almost two weeks now, and these to weeks have seriously been the hardest two weeks of my life. I love where I live and my tiny apartment, all the other students that lives there are funny, charming and awsome, but the problem is not the student hall. The problem is at school I feel so incredably lonely and so sad all the time 😦 I get what you guys are thinking ”Hey take a break you´ve just been there for two weeks”! and ”You can´t wait for people to talk to you, unless you try to be the one who takes the first step” ButI feel so SAD. I have no one at school to hang with or talk to, everybody in my class has alredy find there ”click” and they are haning out and talking and the most of these persons now each other from junior high and primary school. And there I come from another city, crashing in. I also get that not everybody can possibly now each other but I just want to go back to my old life, back home, begin the second school of my choise, where I by the way have my friends (I hope) and finish school. I honestly feel depressed. It feels like I´m stuck in this small city where I don´t know where to go and I can not take this anymore, I promised my mum, the head master on this school and the stuff from my primary school to try this school and see how it is, but honestly I can´t please everybody I ws really against commin´ here in the first place, (althought I said yes) this only proves that I was right, that the thing I felelt in my gut was true. I don´t know what to do, I have no one to talk to, I don´t trustthis peopel and I feel so alone. I can not regret this choise, how can I, high school was supposed to be my perfect corect choise and I can´t start over two weeks into the semster!!!
I´m just stuck here for the next comming three years 😦



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