Let´s get started :D

Hello I’m sorry I did not blogg this last cuple of days. Life has got in the way so damn much and it feels crazy good that I’ve started high school and got a new start in my life. I go like I said in Söderport gymnasiet (high school) in Kristianstad and I am satisfied. Sciens I go in a school quite far from my hometown I had to movie in to a dormrom, which by the way was very nerv racking for me. It´s only been two days sciens the school started and it feels a little strange the first few days! But otherwise it’s easy, Right?! The only negetive thing is that I have no energy. I can noooot get out of bed and put on my nice clothes. I just want to be left in my cuddly bed the rest of my life. I panic when I´m surfing around on the blogs and see how good pictures (speaking of pictures, I forgot the camera at my home in Malmö) and ultrafine they do! Haha, and I do not want to be outdone, so here we go!
I promise to be back as soon as the network in my room decides to coaperate 😀
Love and Peace ❤



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