Only great minds can afford a simple style

I know I´ve been gone for to long, so let me tell you what had happened sinces the last post 😀 last Wednesday I graduated Junior High whoooowhooo!!! I´m so happy that It´s over but also sad sciens I made really good friends the last year 😦 On the other hand am happy to get a new start and begin high school and just get inspired and influenced by the more matured enviroment 😀 and make new friends. Everybody around me says that High school is when you find yourself and just get to experience more, so yeah 🙂 For your information I was planing to upload all the Pictures from my graduation day and from my birthday (I turned 17 last Thuresday) I got a lot pf gifts from my dear friends and family 😀 so thank you so, so much all you. I would also say thanks to all of you, you know who you are that sent me gratultions and beautyful wishes, to give you more information my phone actually chrashed Thuresday morning but I got your SMS so thank you I really appreciated it 😀 ❤ Just to summaries and clear it up  todays post was going to bee like a pic bomb of the few Days that has passed but I couldn´t upload the collage that I´ve made 😦 but look out for it, I will probably posted in the next comming blog post 😉 Mean while enjoy some inspo or as I call it in this post ”Only great minds can afford a simple style”
Love N





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