It´s not far away now :)

Hi guys 😀
Sorry for not blogging in such a long time 😦 This last days has been so stressfull, I´ve had my final national test in math, biology and had to finish up some assigments in several subjcets, shopping for the ”prom”and I don´t think you guys would like to read all that 😉 Anyways next week I´ll not have so much to do scins it´s internship week, I´ll probably finish my art project and do the last things, but my teacher told me where gonna have some Role Playing and acting so I´m looking forward to that, thoes of you how knows me know how much of a Drama Queen I am…. hahahaha

In two week times the ”senior class” is gonna have a ”prom” or my teachers says that it´s a good bye dinner and that we student should take it esay, but It´s like a prom, but not at the same time. You will soon get a sneack peak at my dress promise 😀 Anyways
Today I counted the days and it´s unbelieveable, it´s 25 days left of this semester and then I´ve graduated junior high, I´m looking so much forward to summer, I´m feed up with the school, all the exams and assigments. I`m really looking forawrd to begin high school, and the new classes I´m begining this fall, everyone says that high school is much more fun then primary.

The finishing goal is not far away now guys, just keep the strenght up 😀



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