The fashion of Pretty little liars

Tell me guys that I´m not the only one out there liking the drama in the TV-show Pretty little liars! Besides the drama, Aria, Emily, Hannah and Spencers´s wordrobes are killing the fashionistas out there. Somedays a go a read an article, in Vouge, we they had an interwiev with the costumer designer Mandi Line. So I summariesed the things she said about what brands she like to shop from, what she want´s to achieve considering the girls diffrent styles ect.
In the interwiev she said that she often likest to shop from brands such as Free People,  Rebecca Minkoff and Rebecca Taylor, Topshop. I also use Alexander Wang , MinkPink, and Silence and Noise a lot.  Is where she makes here best
purchases. When it comes to the girls  sense of style
They definitely all have distinct looks. Aria has fashion schizophrenia. One day she’ll be in an alley with big hoops, a greaser jacket, and blue jeans rolled up with Chuck Taylors. Then the next scene, she’s a sweet little boho chick. The next one, she’s an edgy girl. She definitely walks to the beat of her own drum. Hate or love her, you’re going to talk about her. You’re either going to talk about how obnoxious something is or how inappropriate something is or how you wish you could do that. Hanna has become a little edgier, but she’s definitely feminine. She’s the girl that looks through the pages of Vogue. She wears beautiful colors; she wants to be the head turner and she knows it. Aria’s a head turner and she could care less. She does it because she wants to, because she thinks it’s rad.

Emily’s had the biggest arc of all the characters. She used to want to please her parents, but now she’s really found her voice. I base her off all my gay friends. She’s stays true to edgy fashion without going Goth. I like to think she’s a very smart-dressed girl. And Spencer is preppy with a twist. It’s easy to do a preppy character, but I love that now there’s a little hipster to it. She’s got an Urban Outfitters feel. She’ll do the academic decathlon and she’s back in her blazers, but with a cool brooch and pleated drop-crotch pants.

That´s all for now 😉

Pic: Vouge



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