I really enjoyed my prom, I got to hang out with my Friends, dance so much and eat nice food 😀 Just want to say thank you to all my friends, classmates and teachers for an awsome night 😀 ❤


It´s not far away now :)

Hi guys 😀
Sorry for not blogging in such a long time 😦 This last days has been so stressfull, I´ve had my final national test in math, biology and had to finish up some assigments in several subjcets, shopping for the ”prom”and I don´t think you guys would like to read all that 😉 Anyways next week I´ll not have so much to do scins it´s internship week, I´ll probably finish my art project and do the last things, but my teacher told me where gonna have some Role Playing and acting so I´m looking forward to that, thoes of you how knows me know how much of a Drama Queen I am…. hahahaha

In two week times the ”senior class” is gonna have a ”prom” or my teachers says that it´s a good bye dinner and that we student should take it esay, but It´s like a prom, but not at the same time. You will soon get a sneack peak at my dress promise 😀 Anyways
Today I counted the days and it´s unbelieveable, it´s 25 days left of this semester and then I´ve graduated junior high, I´m looking so much forward to summer, I´m feed up with the school, all the exams and assigments. I`m really looking forawrd to begin high school, and the new classes I´m begining this fall, everyone says that high school is much more fun then primary.

The finishing goal is not far away now guys, just keep the strenght up 😀

My ♥ for Paris

One of the manny places I want to visit is the Lovely France, and especially Paris. I´d just love to see the country, go for some awsome shopping (Paris is one of the biggest fashion city) so there would be amzing to spend some time, as the big fashionista I am. Of course I would like  to see some of the famous  main attractions of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame,
the ”lovers bridge” across the river Seine and the Louvre
Museum, and I am dreaming away now, but……

Au revoir mes amis x

Colder spring days wantis

This is an outfit I really want for colder spring days, where you don´t feel waering an all ”springi” jacket, and insted mix your outfit with a knitted sweater. I asolutely ador the little flared jeans in this outfit…. don´t you?