The way Ariana Grande ft Mac Miller


Seriously guys 😮 I absolutely love this song, I´ve had it on repeat true out this month. When I first heard it I have to be honest I didn´t liked the song, or I wasn´t the biggest fan of it. But since I always give a song a second chance it worked, I literally find myself standing up in my room dancing along to this song (awkward!!! 😮 ) I know.
But guys you really need to give this song a ”try” and Ariana is just so amazing, and BTW she sounds like Mariah Carey, according to me, I don´t know about U 🙂
Anyways, enjoy the song of the month 😀
Lubbe 😛


On lesson!!!

Hi 🙂
I´m sitting in my Swidish lesson and blogging mohahaha, I´m such a badass ahaha 😉
This is my first ”real lesson” if I say it that way,  to be more specific my first hour I had the nationel test in English, this time it was the essay part, I really hope I did great from me, better to, or I´m gonna do something bad.  Don´t know what yet, but soon it will ”blimp” up in my minde like a bulb hahhaha 😛
I don´t really have something to say, so with this little message  eknowledge you where I am in this very moment, let´s say Bye 🙂
OMG just rememberd that I´m having a dialoge test in Spanish today f****** s***  helppppp sorry 😦 people


Today I had some classes as usual. My first was stydy time and ended with social studies. Layter on I just came home and now I´m sitting and watching Dr Phil, hahaha 😀 No picking I like the program 😉

I will be back for update soon…
Until that you can enjoy this pic of some chocolateballs I did someday´s ago 🙂

Somedays I feel broken inside

It´s unbelieveabel how I sometimes manage to keep everything togheter and not exploe in anyways. Right now I am stressing with BIGG CAPITALS!!!! asbout all my exams, homework, projects and the most important one, which school am gonna begin this fall. The thing is that I´m really, really worried about my school of chose. Coz everyone around me is telling me to chose a school up in Kristianstad, which means that I have to movie away from home and live by myself in a student hall. If I have to bee honest I don´t want to do that, the other thing is that I don´t know anyone up there, and I quite konw wht your thinking there on the other side, no one konws a person when their new at a school and especially not when your moving to a student hall. I don´t want to feel alone, which I felt the first time a went there to visist. So I went to the guding counsuler at my school to get a diffrent perspective of stuff, but the thing is a felt more confused when I was there, then when I was alone. If I could just say what I want that would be great. I want to go to St:Petri, I want to live with my family. But I can´t do that, if I want high grades, according to the guading counsuler. According to her am not gonna keep up with the school work, I´m not gonna have the same grades I have now, if I chose that school, do you know what. Thanks a lot, this is not the first time I hear that kind of stuff, and I´m gonna prove that I can and you´ll eat up your own words.

I REALLY need summer now, I´m fead up with all this work, and drama at school 😦
But I´m positiv that I will make it
Just wait and see ;)…. :p
Nasse ♥