What´s your ful name?
Nasra Mahat Daoud Ibrahim J. My family and friends call me Nasse or Nezza
How old are you?
I have been on this earth now for 16 years 😉
What do you do for living?
I go to school and spend the other times on homwork, food and LOL
Do you spend a lot of your money on shopping?
Yes I do, a little to much sometimes, but hey I only live once
How do your family look like?
They are humans just like you and me, if you mean how does my family situation looks like? I have divorced parents, my father lives in the UK and I have two sibling. One twinie and a younger brother.
In which year do you go?
I go in the 9th grade, my final year in elemntery , yay 😀
what do you want to do after school?

Probably work as a politician, journalist, ,psychologist or a doctor
How tall are you?
I´m a real shorty 155 cm which is 5’1ft
How much do you weigh?
Enough to be happily ever after 😛
What do you do besides schol?
Laugh, eat and shop
Would you consider yourself as an honest person?
Yes I think I am a honest person, as I say ”Keep it real”. Honesty hurts but rather that then fake attitude Are you popular?
No, thank godness
What secret talent do you have?
Sometimes I speak really creepy almost as Ghost face in the Scream  movies
Can you sing beautiful?
I lube to sing, beautifully I like to think that yeah
Can you do a vlog sometime?
Yes, of course 🙂
Do you have siblings?
Yes a twinie and a two years younger brother
What is your favorite subject?
Social studies, English and Spanish
In which ”click” are you in school?
None, I don´t feel to be bound in to something I don´t want to
What is the most cry thing you did when you was younger?
Drank soap is one thing i remeber 😀 I was a rebel  
What kind of style do you have?
Girly, goth and chic, my style is really al over the place
What name would you like to have?
Alyssa, Skyler, Sophie or Jamie Lynn
I have heard from diffrent people in your circle and around you environment that you are a snobb and kind of bitch, why do you think people think that of you?
Well your IP-code is telling me that you don´t even live in the same city as me so sorry 🙂




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