Life is an unending battle

Where I´m I supposed to begin? I really hated and loved this week ❤
”Hate me and I will strike you when you list except it”, that´s my moto, well at least when your my  new ”BFF” in this life 😉
The only thing I can tell you guys is that I am really thankful of thoes persons who trigged back the misery of my feeling and embracing them, coz for un momento I really got in touch with the old me, and yaickz what I missed myself.

Life is an unending battle, that´s the only thing I´ve learned, but know that the once you cross by sometims don´t dear to face you and that´s the best power you can have over them. Coz I know that the end of the day I´m the bitch who make your life an unending misery, with the smile knowing that I´ve defeated you.
”Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice and I will sink you ”;)



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