The pic bomb of the week

Hahaah… this was some of the Days this week, besides the pysics test and all the homework I spent my time on recatching with old TVD- episods, Gossip girl, laughing, and ”training” so when I looked at this pics my first thought was ”let´s share this with you guys”, so here you go this massive bomb is my week which I can some with only one Word, Cofee shope haha… I should really kikstart with my training 😉 The one song I listened to thrueout the week was ”I love it” by Icona Pop 😛 So…..
I don´t care I love it Image


Make every move count ;D

One of my favourite things to do is train and excercise, and I feel that ever since my knee injery I haven´t really started as strong as I used to do with the training and the sports I do/ used to do coz I´ve chosen to quit with some of the sports and I´m getting depressed when I don´t do something tiering nolanger, só I´ve spooken to my mother and asked her if she could consider the idea of letting me train boxing, yes boxing is time for me to get back the mental strenght, as I´ve turnd out to be a whiner this Days 😛 Anyways so I was looking around in the cyber World as I like to call it and found some motivation pics
i´m getting tierd of this so I´m just gonna say
Shine Bright like a dimond ♦ 😀

My fave song this month


Don´t ask me why, coz I can´t explain it. I just heard this song at the end of a Movie, dpn´t quite remember which movie but hey I got this dej vú feeling when I heard this song, and I´ve been listening to it litterly everyday this week haha 😛 So sit back and end joy as I say it 😉

top 6- best TV-series

♥♥♥♥ I am obsessed with this series, I just love this guys 😀

Only two can keep a secret, as one of them is dead A- 😉

U never know who she is, that´s rihght XOXO Gossip Girl 😉

Beautiful Environments, great houses, reach people, and revengii plans, Revenge is the series

Do you want a inlooke to the ”K Dah” familys live and drematic Days, well this series is somethin´for you

Who is still whatching this, altough it´s not the 90´s, well tumbs up for you, I LOVE  B.H.90210