When I´m board I laugh all day long

That´s right I don´t even know wht to right about or should I just post you guys my fave song for the day or should I sing something myself? I DON`T KNOW WHAT TO DO and BTW I´m freaking out like freak the freak out from Nickeloden´s Victorius show haha. WFT is happening to me, anyways I just returned back from a day long adventur with my twinie and my aunty we went to the mall just to check out the seales that was going on and I was so happy for some minutes coz I found this gorgeous dress and I was like YEY!!! but then I realized that the dress was 2 sizes bigger then my size haha. And then out of the blue this really naughty girl comes up to me and start to push me like she was playing american football, and it ends up with me falling to the ground and screaming hell to the no to the evil monster that by the way trips over her own feet and I just Think for a minute thnx karma haha 🙂 It was so hillarious haha 😉 It´s weird how much people are prepared to fight for a thing like a dress, Anyways I don´t really have so much to tell you taught It would be something for you guys to hear.
Karma comes back around…. at least the most of the times  😀



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