About my high school plans

High school, it´s the ”most important choice” of your life according to me. It´s the one thing that have been on my mind since forever. The most of you out there allready no my determination of prefection, and of course this is one of them. I always thought that my choice would bee determind but no, I´m starting to hazitate regarding my reasons for going to schools like St:Petri or Borga, don´t missunderstand me now the thing is I´m gonna do everything and beyond to get into the program I want to show every soul that didn´t believed in me or that I could not handel the press in thoes schools, after all I´m Nasra. But thats not the case I´ve always believed that my choice of school would open doors for me, at least that what I´ve been hearing since ever. I think that the biggest reason I´m chosing this schools are to satisfy myself in some weird way, what I´m trying to say is that I feel that everyone expects that I can handel it or that my grades, behaviour should bee in a specifice way. Like the ”perfect daughter, the perfect student, allover PERFECT.

I can´t explain this anymore. Congrats if you hade the strenght to read this post 😉
You never know when I´m back




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