Election, whats at stake?

So within 3 days it´s election time, in America. Well I don´t live in The states, but I got this random question from a reader who livs in USA  she was aking me how I would think if I would vote. And I whant to start with saying am only 16 but really active when it comes to social issuse, diffrent questions that matters. I have followed the debates between Romney and Obama. According to me you should look for what you think the society you  live in should look like, which ideology you find meets your image, and really listen to the diffrence between ”We stand for” and ”We believe”. Or you can discuss with your class and see have they would vote. But too answer to your question, I would vote for Obama, and it´s not only because he´s black I really believ in the philosophy he stands for and the collective owning in a society.
(The picture is from 17 magazine)


2 thoughts on “Election, whats at stake?


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