1D visits X-Factor Sweden

I don´t think that anyone had missed that 1D is coming to Sweden, to preform live at tonights X-Facotr show. That´s right the hot British/Irish guys in 1D is finally visiting Swedens X-Factor. Manny young girls heart beated (inclouding my) when the Swidish chanel TV 4 News confirmed that the romers was true, just some days after the announcement on of the band members said:“We are really excited to be performing on X Factor Sweden later this year and look forward to seeing all our Swedish fans again soon” says Liam Payne.
I woun´t be there but thank god the TV exicsts. So if you somewho missed this awsome news, well let´s say you really need to check out this invention called ”Internet” or turn on your TV at 8 pm.

Until the next post… 
We´ll be doing waht we do, Just pretending that we´re cool 😉


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