Which is your all time favourite music video???

Yeha thhat´s right, now I whant to know something about you readers, and whit ”something” I mean which is your favourite all time music video that you can´t live with out? Which is your monthly fave song???? Love to here your guys fave musica haha…. 😉 for once N´ a while
I hope you guys at least have a better friday, then me, coz I´m dieing over here… 😦

Hvilken av disse musikkvideoene liker du best?


Red Hot is the trend

Hit the spot and look red hot in a fierce and fiery palette. From crimson lace to scarlet skaters, this is a look best worn with attitude! Take notes from our ladies in red and be the belle of the ball like Rita Ora. For a more trend-led look throw a black biker over a siren skater and rock the top-knot like Demi. Look lovely in lipstick lace or keep it simple in a shift, but don’t forget the red lips!
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Election, whats at stake?

So within 3 days it´s election time, in America. Well I don´t live in The states, but I got this random question from a reader who livs in USA  she was aking me how I would think if I would vote. And I whant to start with saying am only 16 but really active when it comes to social issuse, diffrent questions that matters. I have followed the debates between Romney and Obama. According to me you should look for what you think the society you  live in should look like, which ideology you find meets your image, and really listen to the diffrence between ”We stand for” and ”We believe”. Or you can discuss with your class and see have they would vote. But too answer to your question, I would vote for Obama, and it´s not only because he´s black I really believ in the philosophy he stands for and the collective owning in a society.
(The picture is from 17 magazine)

1D visits X-Factor Sweden

I don´t think that anyone had missed that 1D is coming to Sweden, to preform live at tonights X-Facotr show. That´s right the hot British/Irish guys in 1D is finally visiting Swedens X-Factor. Manny young girls heart beated (inclouding my) when the Swidish chanel TV 4 News confirmed that the romers was true, just some days after the announcement on of the band members said:“We are really excited to be performing on X Factor Sweden later this year and look forward to seeing all our Swedish fans again soon” says Liam Payne.
I woun´t be there but thank god the TV exicsts. So if you somewho missed this awsome news, well let´s say you really need to check out this invention called ”Internet” or turn on your TV at 8 pm.

Until the next post… 
We´ll be doing waht we do, Just pretending that we´re cool 😉