Words kill

So today I´ve chosen to write about something really deep, and that is bullying. Yes bullying, I saw this video that manny bloggers had published and that are very ”popular” on YouTube, and U guys have proboably heard something about this girl, Amanda Todd. She comitted sucicide a few days ago coz she couldn´t handel the press anymore. Amanda was bullide, beaten, and had to change school several times. She even moved to another city. It´s very, very horrible that someone had to kill themselvs in order to get away from the words. What I find vey disterbing is that all this time the schools she went to obviously didn´t do enough to stop this. And everybody who is/had got bullide in  their life there is NOTING WRONG with you, always remember to hold your head high.
The video that Amanda made, just Days before she killed her self  is the way she chosed to describe the her strory , the video is very long, but worth seeing if you wanna see the video just Click Here

   R.I.P Amanda ♥



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