”Chie by Me”

 Hey fashion frenzies!
So now I´m finally done with the editing of the interview with Cloé Chie the brain behind ”Chie by Me” and  one of the best english designers according to me. I leatherly cried when I got the opportunity. Anyways I hope you like the answers and everything els. And if you have comments, don´t like it or anything els you know I wouls like to hear it, just writ everything down below…
Hugs… 😀

What made you start designing?
I actually wanted to go to art school when I was younger. I used to draw the real thing you know as people, tree and flowers and then I started to draw clothes to the peoples. So every time I for example draw a dress I tried to develop my sketch, so yeah.  

Is it important to see the story in your design? , or do I have to figure out it myself?
Well I always want to tell the latest trends from my perspective but, It´s like a song lyrics it doesn´t affect you the why it affects me, if you understand what I mean. So I would say you can translate the story I want to tell in a million different ways. 

What is your inspiration?
I always look at what’s around me and on the environment, people I meet, the season affects me always and I like to mix old trends with the new upcoming. I really love designers like Marc Jacobs and Ana Sui. I like the sophisticated jackets from Marc Jacobs mix with the fun, rocking, sparkling skirts and pants from Ana Sui.

What garment would you say is the must have this fall?
The must have garment according to me is the blazer with a popping color and the pair of pants with a straight fit and high waist. And of course don´t ever forget the power in one simple necklace, hehehe.

Do you have a tip for those girls who want to become a fashion designer?
Just work, work and work and don´t ever listen to a person who say “you can´t”. And if you want this bad enough your passion for fashion will shine through.

-Thank you so much
-The pleasure was mine







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