Miley´s major makeover

Short Miley Cyrus Haircut
A brand new haircut and a cooler style then ever Miley Cyrus takes the world by surprise. Manny of her  fans were impressed but not everybody was positive against the very short blond makeover, despite the criticism, the singer is very happy with the new look. According to me the whole hairstyle is really nice but I can understand why people responded so negative 🙂

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You definde your beauty


Don´t ever Question…


if my heart only beats for you… 😀
I really like Emelies Sandés songs, especially this song. I know that the video can seem a little bit tiresome, but if U listen to the lyrics you will understand why I like this song so much….. hopefully 😛

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Remember to shine

First day done

First day at school is over, it was really fun to see everyone again. I didn’t knew that I would miss them all so much, I also got the most ”important” thing, the skedule. Yeah I almost forgot to tell U guys the ”chocking” news we got at school, my teacher told that they don’t have a Spanish teacher yet so practically we don’t have a teacher for who knows how long.
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Deare to be yourself

I´m coming home, coming home…

Yeah today is my final day here in England it´s really sad am gonna miss it all the malls, friends, the unpland crazy days and I´m also going to miss the unhealthy food. And just the thought of going back to the usual days whit school, homework and even the training (sometimes) is boring… hehe but I have to remember that hard work pais of… right 😛 Anyways I won´t be abel to do some updates.. if my phone isn´t working. BTW Eid moybarak to everyone how celebrates this holliday 😀
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British-centric musical bang

London  ended the Olympiad in Sunday with a blowout of British pop bomb a
closing-ceremony-cum-after-party, offering a final dose of originality  to 17
days that saw the rise of girl power in sports, the coupling of Olympic festival
with English humor and a wave of euphoria in a host nation that seemed
to rediscover the “great” in Great Britain.

Like the Who and the Spice Girls on Sunday, Britons reunited over the course of
these Games, showing the kind of feverish patriotism rarely seen on this
side of the Atlantic.