Three styles….

Everybody sould find a pair of shorts in their closet. Here is a tips on how you can style a pair of jeansshorts in 3 styles to diffrent occasions.
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Bohemian Beauty

The trendy ”Boho” style is getting very popular. One celebrity who uses the Bohemian style in her everyday clothes is Vanessa Hudgens. Bohemian clothing is all about being free, lazy-looking, organic and a nature lover. This style includes of hippie headbands, loos-fithing clothes, fringe, earth-tone colors, patterned clothing and massy long hair. Here are som exaples of true Boho style

Image        Image


The refugee issue

¡Hola todos!
This afternoon I was watching a documentary program about six Australians who embarks on a dangerous journey to try life as a refguee. These people have preconceptions and racist views about refguee and asylum seekers in Australia. The question is whether the trip will change theire
opinion on refguees, when theire belongings and freedom takes away.
According to me this program was a good way to see things from emigrants perspective, and still hear this peoples strories and struggle for freedom. And this question touchs my heart a little extra coz my on mum had to experience a similar journey when she fled from the war in Somalia.

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Hello Guys!!!
I´m so sorry for the bad update this days, so now when I´m forgiven I´m going to tell U the resons. The first reson is that I´m really bored and I can´t listen to music coz it´s ramadan, so I don´t get inspired to write about stuff which I usually get if I listen to music. Ramadan is the month when muslims fast to show god that we appreciate our lifes and sympathize with the people who have to starve. So I hope you get the reson why we fast if U haven´t before. And BTW Ramadan karim to U guys who are fasting.
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Get the look of…..

…The Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr. Miranda matches nicely with a hat in a stylish color to a bag with zippers and tops with a pair of suede heels,  I would be able to skip the jeans jacket, but it works. According to me it´s Truly Chic 😉 collage by me.
 Shoes: Jeans – Crocker, Hat –, bag – Melba, blouse- Zara

So much is going on!!!

Helolo Lovelies 😀
I´ve got so much going on right now and tomorrow ís my final day at my summer job. This week I´ve spent so much time with my brother doing all kind of fun stuff hehe…. pictures will soon be posted. It has been surpirsingly really funny :-)Tomorrow i´ve also got to shop some clothes, I´m really in need of some shopping therapy.
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PS. Ialmost forgot I´ll also post the pictures from Tuesday